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Snow White and the Seven Angels - Rhys Ethan

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Title: Snow White & the Seven Angels


Series: Queerky Tales


Author: Rhys Ethan


Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale, LGBT, Retelling, Kids’ Books


Length: Novella




The classic tales you know, the characters with secrets you don’t 








White has a secret. One he has shared with his family to no avail. When he meets the Prince of his dreams, he decides he can no longer live a lie, but in order to do so, he will have to face his worst nightmares.




Queerky Tales is a series of classic fairy tales retold with LGBT characters. Snow White & the Seven Angels is about fighting for your happy-ever-after, whatever shape it comes in.




For children and adults alike.




Snow White Cover





Snow White and the Seven Angels is an uplifting tale for young and old alike. In the beginning we meet White, a prince who has everything and should be happy. Despite the smiling facade he presents to the world, he harbors a secret pain. Like many LGBT youth, he seeks comfort and understanding from those closest to him, but sadly, does not find it. When true love enters his world, he finds the courage to expose his secret and fight for his own identity. And, Snow is born.

I enjoyed the author’s take on this well loved tale. The classic elements that make the fairy tale unique are included but with their own special twist. Instead of the seven dwarves, Snow is aided by the the Seven Angels who are instrumental in helping her find her destiny. The way each angel was included was cleverly portrayed while showcasing the struggles a transgender youth faces in every day life.

The end of the story is heartwarming and gives hope to all that they too can reach their happily ever after.


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About the Author




Rhys Christopher Ethan is by no means a scientist, but he is an architect of his own fantasy worlds; an illustrator of emotional and multi-dimensional characters; a doctor of creativity and inspiration and a chemist of genres; mixing two or more, to find the perfect fit for his creations. He lives in a small, dusty lab he calls Home in London and works hard to bring his experiments out into the world. His companions (for now) are his pet-Laptop and his coffee-Booster and a bunch of notes, digitized and paper-wise. He voices his obsessions on his website, rants on twitter @Rhys_Ethan, shares messages on and pins his muses on You can contact him at, or if you’re telepathic, he will probably meet you in your dreams.


Secret of the Manor - Taylin Clavelli

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Title: Secret of the Manor


Author: Taylin Clavelli


Genre: Gay romance, mystery, paranormal, adventure


Length: Novel


Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing








Warren Blake is an accountant at the pinnacle of his career. After accepting a new position he decides to settle in the scenic Cotswold village of Walmsley Hackett.  A village with a colourful history of myth, old wives tales and mystery.




One morning during his train ride into work, Warren notices a small quaint church which he becomes enchanted with. Curiousity compels him to find the church and when he finally does, he discovers an unmarked grave in the corner. Feeling sorry for its occupant, Warren becomes a frequent visitor.




Little does he know that the young man inside the coffin needs a champion and Warren is chosen.




What follows involves a ghostly medieval joust, witchcraft, love, and Warren risking his life.




Secret of the Manor Cover




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Secret Of The Manor – Excerpt – The Garden Party


Miles, CEO of A-Genet, was a good man and a fine leader. Warren got on well with him. But, while Miles played host, Warren looked upon the party with a more cynical eye. It was an occasion where the title CEO took on a whole new meaning. At such times, CEO meant Cock-Enlarging Officer. The epithet worked for Warren on so many levels. Warren was sure Miles knew what happened every time he spoke to an ambitious employee, especially the males. The man’s winning words had an immediate effect, and the person he was talking to always changed his stance, and seemed to have more down his trousers than when he walked in.


The annual garden party was also a time many took advantage of to network, in various guises. One or two carried virtual knives. Warren knew the game rules. It was a necessary evil in a place where, if you didn’t watch your back, others took advantage. It wasn’t pretty, but it was better than the game some played. He’d been bitten by the latter before; it was one reason for his degrees of separation.


Warren had settled into his comfortable cane chair and relaxed with a glass of wine. He completed the “Hello, darling; wonderful dress, are those new shoes?” social niceties expected of him with the wives, and the “This quarter is going well, any news on that contract?” dialogue with his colleagues in high management. He chinked glasses, ate well, smiled, and conversed with the willing. He stayed with his crowd, and was wary of others who approached him—climbers who decided he was one of those worth sucking up to. Maybe he was unfair to some, but he’d seen too many cases of backbiting to embrace an idealistic approach to office shenanigans.




About the author




Taylin Clavelli lives in the United Kingdom, about 15 miles south of Birmingham, and a short journey from the world famous Cadbury’s Chocolate factory. She’s married with children and loves her family with all her heart.




Her love of books has been a long standing affair, with Taylin liking nothing better than to lose herself in an imaginary world.




Until she met Lily Velden, she never considered trying her hand at writing. However, after talking ideas, Lily encouraged her to put pen to paper—or rather, fingers to keyboard. Since, with a few virtual kicks in the right place, she hasn’t stopped. Her confidence eventually led to her writing an original work for submission.




Her first published work was Boys, Toys, and Carpet Fitters, developed for the Dreamspinner Press Anthology – Don’t Try This At Home.




Now she absolutely adores immersing herself into the characters she creates, and transferring the pictures in her brain to paper, finding it liberating, therapeutic, and wonderful.




Outside of writing, her interests include; martial arts (she’s a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-do), horse-riding, all of which facilitates her love of a wide variety of movies. Her action heroes include Jet Li and Tony Jaa—finding the dedication these men have for their art combined with their skill both amazing and a privilege to watch. If pressed, she’ll admit to thinking that the screen entrance of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl, and Shadowfax in LOTR, to be the greatest screen entrances ever. Her all-time favorite movies are Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.




The simple things in life that make her day, putting a smile on her face are:




Laughter – especially that of her children.




The smell of lasagna cooking – it makes her mouth salivate.




The dawn chorus – no symphony ever written can beat the waking greetings of the birds.




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Three is Not a Crowd - Mini Tour

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Title: Three is Not a Crowd

Authors: Lily Velden, Asta Idonea, Eric Gober, Alina Popescu, Kay Ellis, L.V. Lloyd, Eddy LeFey, Aimee Brissay, Rian Durant

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

Genre: Gay Romance






Why would anyone think three was a crowd?



No. No. No. No. No.



Three is a triangle…



and did you know it’s the strongest geometrical shape?



All the best things come in threes…



Musketeers, primary colors, three-ringed circuses, stooges, blind mice, little pigs. The list goes on.



Of course they say trouble comes in three too…



but we won’t go there… or will we?



**giggle** There’s three sheets to the wind.



And **sigh… drool** there’s three piece suits.



And trust us, it’s no coincidence that there are three ingredients in a BLT.



Or only three elements to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors.






Want to get physical???



Well, there’s… three-legged races… (what were you thinking?)



Political? Of the people, by the people, for the people.



Or creepy? Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil.



Why, three has so much going for it we don’t even need to mention a…



1…………            2…………            3………… sandwich



(substitute your own dream guys)



And of course, there’s: On your Mark. Get Set. And Go!



So Go! Read the short stories in…






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Prize: $10 WIP Gift Card



Three Is Not a Crowd Stories:






Brad has a thing about elevators. He’s also had a tough week.



An accidental encounter with Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome Aiden, and sweet, shy, and innocent Danny, will turn his elevator ‘thing’ into something very B.A.D.






I’m every bit the Everyman.



Or at least I was until I started my current relationship.



You see, there are three of us in this couple: me, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s alter ego…






Three college cheerleaders are bound together by unrequited love, secrets, and lies.



That is until dangers on a road trip threaten their lives.



Who will survive?






Plagued by nightmares of a lost twin, David struggles to uncover the truth of his past.



 His family insists he never had a brother, enlisting therapist after therapist to cure him.



David’s only happiness is his boyfriend Terry.



Is the dream-visiting twin real?



Or is he a symptom of a mental disorder?



And real or not, will David and Terry’s relationship survive his presence?






Flynn Jacobs is small, eccentric, and neurotic. He’s spent his whole life being ridiculed and bullied.



On a rare night out with work colleagues, Flynn finally meets Riley, a man he has admired from afar.



Riley isn’t looking for anything special. His boyfriend Mitch is out of town and Riley is bored. Shy Flynn is a challenge. He’s meant to be a one night stand but Riley finds he likes Flynn more than he should…



What will happen when Mitch returns from his business trip?






Richard believed his friendship with Laura was based around their passion for writing.



He didn’t realise he was falling in love with her, until it was too late. 



After all, how could he possibly be falling in love with Laura, when he still loved Bill?






Malcolm has a decision to make.



His two best friends, Jack and Thomas, have just given him a very interesting proposal to mull over.



His mind, his heart, and his Little Malcolm need to agree.



The decision could change his life forever…






Daniel and Michael go shopping for sex toys.



Michael believes their relationship is complete.



That is, until he lays his eyes on the gorgeous shop owner.



Perhaps things are better in threes…






Chrissie is a very smart Rottweiler who has never shifted until now, enjoying his life as a dog.



What happens when he and his owner, Simon, fall for the same guy?


Three is Not a Crowd....indeed it isn't and it made for some very interesting reads. I went into reading this book with a few pre-conceived expectations. Happily, the variety of stories in the book exceeded my expectations and surprised me. I very much enjoyed each story concept. Each author brought their own flavor to this anthology; therefore, there is a little bit of something for everyone. The threesomes range from M/M/M to M/F/M and not all of the couplings are what you would expect. There is also variety in the genres which include contemporary and paranormal/fantasy. 

The only problem with the book, I wish the stories were longer. It would be fantastic to read more about these characters and find out what happened after, and for some of them, what happened before. That's not to say you won't enjoy simply reading what's written. I'm just greedy and always want more. I enjoyed the shorts from some of my favorite authors and found new ones to add to my TBR list. Great job and I look forward to more anthologies from Wayward Ink Publishing and this excellent group of authors. 



Danny's Dragon by Sedonia Guillone

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Danny's Dragon Tour Banner



Title: Danny’s Dragon

Author: Sedonia Guillone

Genre: Gay romance, contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing






A rugged, muscular cop.



A sexy computer genius.



Secret desires.



Brought together by a crime committed on a cold dark night.



From the moment they meet, their lives can never be the same again…



Wild and rugged Dave Pearce is haunted by the demons of his past. He’s done his best to make a life for himself after the devastation of his

lover’s suicide years earlier, but the trauma has left its mark on his soul.



Danny Wong is what Dave considers a “nerdy Bruce Lee.” Handsome, refined, out of his league.



But that doesn’t matter.



Dannys Dragon Book Cover



Dave believes himself to be dangerous for any man who would love him. So he stays back in the shadows, letting the desire he harbors for the

hot grad student remain unrequited.



Danny has demons of his own. Duty-bound to his family’s goals for him, he remains shy and closeted, contenting himself with his secret

fantasies about the sexy Irish cop who patrols the campus building where Danny does his graduate work.



Until one freezing winter night…



Leaving the building, fate steps in and their paths cross in a new…deeper way. Neither man can turn back. Danny and Dave must face the

demons rearing their heads with full force, or lose their chance at an epic love…



Book trailer



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!!!Heat Level High!!!

Dave leaned into him and captured his mouth for a kiss. He slipped his tongue between Danny’s lips, not seeming to care that it was first thing

in the morning. He slid his tongue hotly against Danny’s, receding then deepening the kiss more each time. Dave’s large jade stem, fully erect

and pulsing, jutted demandingly into Danny’s hip. A moan slipped from Dave’s throat, vibrating between their joined mouths.

Danny reached over and smoothed the palm of his hand over Dave’s cock. He loved the velvety feel of the skin hugging veins and hard muscle.

Dave moaned again into his mouth, and shifted, covering more of Danny’s body with his. The weight forced Danny’s hand out from between

them, and he smoothed his palm across Dave’s hip and over one butt cheek. The tight orb was deliciously hard against his hand. He squeezed

it gently and continued his exploration, moving his fingertips toward the crevice between the two hard globes.

Dave’s breath caught in his throat. He lifted his mouth from their kiss, his eyelids heavy. “Yes,” he breathed, “touch me there.” Suddenly, a tiny

grin played on his lips. “Don’t worry, I keep it clean and shiny.”

Danny smiled. “Okay.” He wanted more than anything in that moment to bring Dave pleasure. He slipped the fingers of one hand between

Dave’s buttocks, stroking the softer skin hidden there, exploring the tiny folds and nuances of that intimate crevice.

Dave exhaled an obvious sigh of pleasure, his breath coming in short gasps. He slanted his lips across Danny’s again, taking his mouth in a

more heated kiss than before. He parted his legs slightly, draping one hard sloping thigh over Danny’s, giving Danny’s hand greater access to

his bottom. Again he lifted his mouth away, panting heavily now, his face flushed. “Put your finger in,” he rasped. “Please.”

The plea in Dave’s voice made Danny’s heart surge. He loved hearing Dave’s pleasured breathing, watching his broad, strong chest heave and

hearing his moans of enjoyment. Carefully, he probed the outer rim until he felt the tiny puckered opening. He pushed, gently at first.

Dave moaned, and his eyelids fluttered.

Encouraged, he pushed a bit harder, and his finger slid in. He moved it around, guided by Dave’s sighs and groans of satisfaction. “Is that


Dave nodded. “Incredible.” He closed his eyes, his head tilted back slightly, obviously lost in the pleasure of what Danny was doing to him.

“Danny,” he whispered after several moments, “put in two fingers.”

Danny frowned. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Dave opened his eyes, a sideways grin curving his lips. “Don’t worry about hurting me. It’s a long time since I was a virgin.”

Danny smiled. He liked Dave’s earthy sense of humor. The man was sensuous and kind and made Danny want to do anything for him.

“All right then.” Carefully, he pushed a second finger in and pulsed both fingers in and out together, enjoying the sounds of Dave’s pleasured


Dave lowered his face back down to Danny’s and took his lips in a searing kiss, plundering the soft crevices of his mouth with his tongue.

Several moments passed before he pulled away again, his blue eyes dark and smoldering.

“Danny, I gotta have you inside me,” he panted. “Is that all right with you?”

Dave’s fevered request sent darts of excitement skittering through Danny’s body, and his erection surged. Yet, at the same time, he paused.

This wasn’t what he’d expected. Or what he’d imagined himself doing. His fantasies had always included Dave taking him and being on top.

Dave brushed a fingertip across Danny’s cheek. “Something the matter? You don’t want it?” Then he grinned. His lids lowered. “I know, you

thought I’d be the wild stallion and mount you.” He leaned forward and kissed Danny’s lips. The kiss was brief but hot. “I want to make sure

you’re good and ready for that, Danny. Besides, even a stallion wants to get ridden once in a while.”

Dave fell silent. The pad of his thumb moved back and forth across Danny’s cheekbone. There was something in the tone of Dave’s voice, a

hesitance. Danny suspected it had something to do with that the bit about his life he’d shared earlier.

“Hey, Danny, do you want to? I sure do.” He reached down, closed his large hand around Danny’s wrist, and guided his fingers back to his hole.

Dave groaned at the contact.

“Yes, I want to,” Danny breathed as he pressed his fingertips against the puckered hole. I... um....” His fingers slipped from Dave’s behind, and

he rested his hand on Dave’s hip, overcome suddenly by the shy insecurity he so often felt. “I don’t want to be bad at it.”

Dave stroked his cheek and kissed him again. “You won’t be.” He lifted his face away and disengaged his body from Danny’s, rising up on

hands and knees. “Have you ever done it with a woman?”

He nodded. “I had a girlfriend a long time ago.”

“What do you call the woman’s business, you know, in those Chinese terms?”

“There are a few names, but one of them is the cinnabar cave.”

Dave chuckled. “Very nice. Well, just pretend you’re sinking your dragon into the cinnabar cave, and do the same thing, okay?”

He nodded again, his pulse throbbing madly.

Dave gestured with a nod of his head. “Come up here first, and I’ll give you some lubrication.”

Guest Post

Anyone who has spent even a few seconds on my Facebook timeline has seen pictures of my cat, Molly. Many, many pictures! Lol. So for me, a

blog tour wouldn’t be complete without me being a show off cat-mom and talking about her.

Molly (full name Molly Kaufman) was born to feral cats in my neighborhood. She was one of a litter of five little girls. The neighbor whose house

she was born near, faithfully feeds the feral population and so they hang out under her bushes. One day, the neighbor, Karen, heard some little

cries. She found a littler of four kittens and brought them to another neighbor of ours, a former FBI agent named Sandy, whom she knew had

raised a previous litter, vetted them and got them adopted.

Karen brought the four kittens to Sandy and came back to her house a couple of hours later. There she found another kitten, its head sticking out

from the bushes and crying hysterically.

The fifth kitten who’d gotten accidentally left behind. Karen immediately brought the kitten to be with her sisters where they were put in a large

kennel cage setup complete with rugs, hammocks and toys in the garage. Sandy left her garage door open so anyone walking by could see

these five fluffballs playing. We couldn’t pass without getting a closer look.

However, as you know, once you look at a kitten, you’re in danger of getting hooked. We were no exception. We immediately reserved one of

the kittens for adoption as soon as they were old enough. Sandy picked out the kitten she thought would be perfect for us. The kitten who’d been

left behind in the bushes. We named her Molly, brought her home at 8 weeks and have been in love ever since.

Having been handled by humans from the earliest age, Molly is very human-oriented. She came to see me as her mother since she never really

knew her real cat mother. She nurses on me every night and sleeps on my chest. I have never had such a sweet relationship with an animal in

my life.

Along those lines, let me just say, I am very in favor of adoption when it comes to animals. There are so many in shelters who need a loving

home and I hope that one day all the animals all over the world (most urgently the Soi dogs in east Asia who are victims of the horrifying illegal

dog meat trade) who need homes will have one. If you are familiar with any of my books, you will have met a couple of adopted animals too.

Genius criminal profiler, Michael Di Santo, hero in Acts of Passion found a stray cat who took to him and he gave her a good home and they are

best friends. Jake Fallon in Fallon’s Jewel, too, crossed paths with a stray dog (one of the last in existence in this futuristic, post-apocalyptic

world) who became his faithful companion on his space patrol buggy.

Anyway, thank you for reading about Molly and my love of animals. Who are your special fur friends? I’d love to hear about them. Thanks and

hugs! Sedonia




Prizes: $20 WIP Gift Card; ebook copy of Danny’s Dragon





About the Author




Award-winning, multi-published author of erotic romance, SEDONIA GUILLONE spends her days writing deliciously naughty romances—when

she’s not cuddling with the man she loves or watching kung fu and samurai films and eating chocolate.



Sedonia welcomes comments from readers.



Sedonia Guillone can be found at:









Strength to Let Go Review and Interview with Shiki

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Strength to Let Go Blog Tour



Title: Strength to Let Go

Series: Tales of the Werewolf Tribes, Book One

Author: Alina Popescu

Genre: gay romance, paranormal, werewolves, paranormal romance, supernatural

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing






After being abandoned by his mates, Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe, returns to his home in Tokyo.



Crippled by grief, Shiki decides to end it all by going into the territory of the Siberian Killers tribe and challenging them to a battle to the death.



His death.






Ganzorig, beta of the Siberian Killers, however, sees the potentially disastrous consequences of having Shiki die in battle.



Instead, he saves him.



Having suffered loss himself, Ganz takes it upon himself to help Shiki deal with his pain.



Blake, Shiki’s best friend since childhood, is as determined to show him there is life after a wolf’s ultimate loss.



Could there also be something ‘more’ for them after friendship?



Book Trailer







I followed Ganz through a right maze of hallways that took us through the run-down building where Blake was being held. They’d refused to let

him step foot anywhere else, they’d bent their rules for me enough as it was. When we reached the large and dirty room they were in, I stopped

and looked through the glass on the door. Blake had his back to me as he sat at a large table in the far right corner of the room.

His shoulders were so tense you’d think he’d explode, and I could see how the Killers guarding him flinched every time Blake turned to stare at

them. If my heart hadn’t been squeezed so tight, it would have been funny. I pushed the door open just in time to hear him threaten the nice

Mongolians guarding him with some old Native American curses that would affect them and three future generations. I shook my head, thinking

he’d never change. He did not believe in the Powhatan curses his tribe thought of as infallible, but he’d always play them against wolves who

were naturally afraid of everything spiritual. It came with having a long collective memory and us being part of what was considered the


“Chibi-tan, stop threatening the good men,” I said, stopping in the middle of the room and dropping my bag on the floor, sending a puff of dust up

into the stale air. He stood up so fast the chair flew from under him. When he turned, his eyes glassy and his breath heavy, my smile faded,

making room for what was really in my heart. Fear, reluctance, and the joy of seeing my childhood friend.

“God damn, winggapo, you have to stop calling me that! You’re older only by a few months.”

I had used that term with him since the day I’d met him. He was scrawny as a four-year-old and a little shorter than me. He’d been brought to

train with me and I’d been ahead of him in training and strength. I’d insisted he called me senpai. What started as a tease soon became an

endearment, and he knew it, yet still insisted I’d stop. It was when he’d figured that out that he’d started to call me winggapo. Weirdly enough,

although he was half Brazilian, he’d never used any Portuguese with me, only Powhatan words. I believed deep down he identified more with

the Native American tribe of Virginia that his father belonged to than with his mother’s Brazilian roots.

Chibi tried to smile as well, but his grin seemed as unnatural as mine did. He pushed his hands deep into his pockets and looked past me. As

there were only a couple of inches between us, I noticed his avoidance technique. His hazel eyes glowed bright green, showing his turmoil,

before he finally decided to look me in the eye.

“I’m sorry, Shi. I’m so sorry I did not pick up.” He frowned and looked at his feet, his shoulders slumping. “I was on a vision quest, I didn’t know.”

I gasped loudly, taking one step to close the distance between us and wrap him into a tight hug. Of all the things I’d expected Blake would say to

me, how his guilt took me by surprise I’ll never know. It was such an obvious reaction considering who he was, I mentally slapped myself for not

figuring out sooner just how much he’d kept beating himself up over it. I’d thought our talk on the phone had been enough, but I should have

known better. It would take Blake quite a bit to forgive himself.

“You said that, chibi. And I told you not to blame yourself. When the hell will you listen to your nii-san?”

“You’re not my fucking big brother, you’re my best friend,” he growled, his voice muffled by how hard he was hugging me back, his face pressed

into my shoulder. He pushed me back and looked at me carefully. It felt as if he could see through me, right through the thin walls I’d used to

build my appearance of a normal person. It all crumbled under his scrutiny, and by the time he pulled me back into his arms, I was already

coming undone.

“Get me out of here, Blakey,” I whispered. “No one needs to see me having a freaking meltdown. Please!”

He nodded against the side of my neck, grabbed my hand and my duffle, and pulled me toward the door. I had to forcefully stop him to be able

to say goodbye to Ganz. We hugged without a word for a few minutes; then he made me promise I’ll keep in touch. I noticed a few curt nods

between him and Blake and somehow knew chibi-tan would keep him in the loop if I didn’t.

Blake then rushed me through the maze of hallways. Wolfs usually have a great sense of direction, but all I could tell was we hadn’t come this

way when we’d entered the building. When Blake pushed a large door open and I saw his jet waiting for us, I realized I had good reason not to

know where we were going. We raced to the stairs and promptly got in. When the door closed behind us, my legs finally gave out, but chibi

caught me.

“I’m here, Shi, let it out.” His encouragement was all I needed. I let the pain and renewed rage out, messy and erratic. I could, now that my best

friend was there to steady me through it. His pilot came in and asked us to sit down, but Blake merely growled. As we were still hugging in the

middle of the jet, it started moving.

I didn’t know when or how I’d gotten onto the onboard couch, but Blake was holding me and my sobs had calmed down.

“Gods, I’ve never cried so much in my entire life as I have in the past few months. What the hell is wrong with me, chibi?”

“You had your heart ripped out of your chest and handed back to you in pieces, I assume,” he said, as if he was presenting facts to his Board.

“So word got out,” I growled.

“Well, chibi, the kids got dropped at your brother’s and never picked up for weeks, you disappeared, and then we found out you were in Siberian

Killers territory. I think everyone figured out you’d had a breakdown and that you did not want your marriage to end.”

“Do they….” My voice trailed off before I could form the question. In all honestly, I was afraid of the answer.

“No, no one but me knows. They believe what Ganz told them, that you were randomly flashing and ended up out there.”

“Good.” I nodded, wiping dried tears off and blowing my nose into the tissues Blake had handed to me.

“Winggapo, I get why you did it and how your mind works. I swear though, you try that again, I’ll fucking kick your ass.” He pushed his index

finger toward me, a menacing frown reinforcing his words.

“I promised I won’t, chibi. Ganz gave me an out, provided I really tried for two months.”

“He did what?” His voice was so loud, the flight attendant jumped out of her chair. Blake smiled apologetically before turning to face me, arching

a brow and pushing his upper body closer.

“Yup, two months of trying, and if I still wanted to end it in battle, he’d have arranged it for me. I think he knew I would not want that anymore.”

“Smart wolf,” Blake said with a chuckle. “Then again, if this had turned out differently, he’d be a dead wolf.”

I laughed and shook my head. Ganz had been right, my friends would have gone after them had I been killed by their tribe. Maybe Shishou

would have tried to stop them, but between Blake and Vicks, he would have failed. Thinking more about it, I figured Shishou would have joined

just to keep his wife happy.

“He is an incredibly smart wolf, actually. I was surprised by him, in a good way.”

“Mhm, yeah, I caught the squeeze of his ass before we left,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

I tilted my head and smirked. “Yeah, I noticed how worried your pilot was I’d steal his fun. That was before he figured I was in full-blown sob-fest

mode,” I added and winked. Blake shrugged casually. We’d never hidden our conquests from each other, it was pointless, especially since we

used to share them more often than not.

Interview with Hotness....err...Shiki:


Omgawds! V.L. and I are thrilled to be sitting down with Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe. Welcome smexy wolf!

Before we hyperventilate from your hotness *watches him grin* let's get to the questions!

Who is your favorite anime or manga character and what makes you love them?

Well, hello there, vampy and angel! *grins and gives them a hug* A pleasure chatting with you, as always. *Taps his chin and tilts his head*

Well, it has to be Luka Crosszeria from Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (Betrayal Knows My Name). He is a high ranking demon fighting

for the other side because of love. His love for Yuki has followed her/him through every reincarnation, staying true and pure regardless of

circumstances or his lover’s gender. Besides, he wields a kick ass sword and uses magic. And he’s hot. *Shrugs* What’s not to love?

How long does it take for you to apply your make up and do you have any favorite brands we should know about?

*Laughs and rolls his eyes* Really, you want to talk make up? Well, it depends on what I do. If it’s cosplay or something really crazy—you

should watch some Visual Kei bands on concert to figure what that looks like—it might take me half an hour or even an hour. But that includes

the outfit! For a day to day thing… Five-ten minutes, maybe.

I don’t have a favorite brand, I have favorite products from different brands. And for the crazier looks I sometimes use face paint made for the


Will you and Blake be visiting Ganz anytime soon?

Oh, you can bet we will! That guy needs some true lovin’ and I am hell-bent on making it happen. The only problem is Ganz has to do the hard

part first—get his tribe to open up. I think, before a visit, he might need me as a weapon. *sighs and shakes his head* Tribes and their weird

politics, either bores me to death or makes me want to punch somebody.

How are Ryuu and Kimmie and has Blake adjusted to having them in his life?

*Grins wickedly* Oh, Blake is a pleasure to watch around the kids! He’s gotten used to it for the most part, but he still has some cute moments

where he’s completely terrified by them. It’s funny, cause I’ve known him all my life and he’s never been afraid of anything.

The kids… thank the Gods, they are resilient and have adapted to the new status quo. They spend a month with me, and then one in the Fae

Realm. They are happy and healthy, and that’s all I want from them. Kimmie occasionally visits her blood family, and they are always so thankful

for it. As if there was any way I would have prevented that!

It seems you have perfected the art of the eyeroll. Does Blake have a habit you love to tease him about?

*Chuckles and does an eye roll for show* Well, I’ve spent my whole freaking life working on it! I should have it down to an art by now. I try to tone

down my teasing of Blake. He’s been chibi all his life, and I tease him about calling me senpai, even if I’m only a few months older than him.

Plus he got a couple inches taller at some point.

What I love is that he looks the same way when he’s working and when he’s training. Same fierce look, same determination. I can understand

why people tremble when they have to deal with him.

Blake is the cook. Do you have a favorite meal he prepares for you?

Blake usually cooks international cuisine stuff. But he’s excellent at making nabe of any kind. That’s what you’d call Japanese hot pot dishes.

We usually have them in winter, but I make Blake prepare them a lot more often. I love Blake with all my heart, but nothing he makes will ever be

as good as mochi. And he refuses to make that! Says if I want to kill myself with sweets, he won’t be a part of it. *Grins* He orders them for me,

which to me is the same thing, he’s still involved.

Given the custody arrangement, will we be seeing more of your ex-husbands?

*Shrugs* I really don’t think so. There’s no point. I think everything we’ve had to clear up, has been settled. They are part of my past, and I’m no

longer hung up on that. I’d rather focus on those who want to be in my life—Blake, my kids, my extended family, my friends… They are all a

handful, trust me, and they require a lot of time and energy! Especially Blake *grins* I need a lot of energy to keep up with our bedroom adjacent


A few fun facts about you:

favorite color: Black, wear a lot of it… Also, bright green cause that’s how Blake’s eyes are when he wolfs out.

favorite movie: Don’t have one, too many to choose from.

favorite song: it’s an anime theme song, surprise, surprise! Kimi Hana from a gay anime (and manga) called Junjou Romantica

favorite book: Not even going there! Too many to list

vanilla or chocolate: *Snorts* Mochi. With whatever filling it comes.

favorite ice cream flavor: *Stares blankly* Who would want ice cream when you can have mochi?

When can we expect MORE SHIKI and BLAKE?

Well, from what I know, book two will be the story of my twin, Shishou, and his mates, Vicks and Stuart. That means you’ll get a lot of me, but

from back when I was the crazy brother who challenged Shishou. You’ll still experience a lot of my awesomeness though *winks*. And I will also

make sure I show up in the next two books. You can’t have any werewolf story without me! And why would you want to, anyway?

Thank you for breaking away from Blake long enough to stop by *laughs*. We so enjoyed this and look forward to the next book!


I met Shiki in the roleplay world and loved his cheekiness and his playfulness. I was overjoyed when I found out his story was being put into

book form. I was not disappointed at all! Alina has given one of my favorite characters a beautiful start to his story. The playfulness and fun I love

about Shiki are definitely included in the story. However, the book does not begin on a particularly hearts and flowers note.

The first part of the story devastated me. My heart broke for Shiki. While I understood the devastation and the reasoning for his decision (I’m not

doing spoilers LOL) I wanted to wrap him up and just hold him. His pain was written so vividly, I fought tears to continue reading.

And then, Blake entered the picture. Cue the hearts and flowers and the desperate mad rush of falling in love. It dried the tears and brought a

huge smile. Shiki’s fears of ruining a relationship with his best friend were realistic and on point and written with just a touch of brilliant humor.

Throughout the book, Shiki visits several different places. I loved the descriptions of Tokyo. They put me right there in the middle of the maid

cafes and on the bustling streets. Excellent!

Although part of a series, the book is stand alone in that there was closure on several important issues, but THANKFULLY, there is room left for

more, more, more Shiki and I cannot wait!

Great job, Alina. I will definitely be recommending this book.


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About the author



Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has

always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in

movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.



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No words do this series justice!!!!!

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I have no clue on how to describe this series. HOT just doesn't cut it and the fires of hell would only singe the borders of this mind blowing story of Theoden, a vampire/dragon hybrid and his family of OMFG hot and sultry men. Each of them have their own heat level, however none can make the mercury rise like Theoden himself. You'll be needing a large supply of batteries for this one or...If your lucky to have your own male hareem, prepare them for what's to come.

This series should come with a goverment health warning

Unique and captivatingly addictive, you will be HARD presssed to put this down. Once you start...You're hooked

Job well done Nicholas Bella. I am totally in awe.  

A Game for Assassins

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Title: A Game for Assassins

Series: The Redaction Chronicles, Book 1

Author: James Quinn

Length: novel (528 pages)

Genre: mystery, thriller, spy thriller, espionage






The assassination of a Caribbean dictator….The “hit” on a traitor in Beirut……The brutal murder of a young CIA officer behind the Iron

Curtain…..So begins the game……



It is 1964, the height of the Cold War, and British Intelligence is riding high with its top double agent network: Constellation.



But in the secret war fought across Europe the enemy is never far away and soon the agents of Constellation are targeted by an unknown team

of assassins. In desperation British Intelligence sends in their best agent to protect the network and hunt down the killers.



A Game for Assassins



Jack “Gorilla” Grant isn’t your typical Cold War secret agent. Short, tough, uncompromising, rough edged. He doesn’t fit in with the elitist spies

and debonair intelligence agents. He prefers working at the rough end of British covert operations.



But “Gorilla” is one of the best “Redactors” in the business. He’s an expert at close quarter shooting: quick to the draw and deadly accurate

when it comes to the elimination of traitors and extremists on behalf of the British Secret Service (SIS). He is soon drawn into a game of cross

and double cross where nothing is as it seems and even the most perfect spy can die in a wilderness of mirrors.

“A Game for Assassins” is an action packed edge of your seat thrill ride played out across the global stage of the Cold War.



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About the Author

James Quinn spent 15 years in the secret world of covert operations, undercover investigations and international security before turning his

hand to writing.



He is trained in hand to hand combat and in the use of a variety of weaponry including small edged weapons, Japanese Swords and Hunting

Bows. He is also a crack pistol shot for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) and many of his experiences he has incorporated into his works of fiction.



He lives in the United Kingdom and travels extensively around the globe.











Fool School Blog Tour

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Blog Tour – Fool School by James Comins

Hosted by Eyes on Books

Title: Fool School

Author: James Comins

Genre: Young Adult, gay romance, historical

Length: novel

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


In the year of our Lord 1040, fourteen-year-old aspiring jester Tom is en route to Bath to begin his studies in the art of being a Fool, following in the footsteps of his father, and his father before him.

Along the way he meets Malcolm, a fire-haired boy with eyes green as forest glass. A Scotsman who's escaped from the ravages of the usurper Macbeth, Malcolm elects to join Tom at school. Though the journey to Bath is hazardous, it pales in comparison to what they face at the austere and vicious Fool School, where all is not as it seems. A court jester must aim to be the lowest rung on the ladder of life, and the headmaster will not abide pride.

As they journey through life's hardships together, Tom and Malcolm find they only have each other to depend upon.



Fool School. The title suggests a tale of laughter and fun; however, the tale inside the cover visits the darker side of life as seen through a fourteen year old man-child's eyes. The story starts with Tom Motley leaving France to attend the Fool School in Bath, England. It is a family tradition followed by his father and his grandfather before him.

Although I am not usually a fan of first person, Tom's story intrigued me from the beginning. He invites the reader into his life and paints pictures so vivid you find yourself standing beside him watching as the waves whitecap, or smelling the pitiful illness of the pony. The author has a flare for the descriptive phrases and skillfully brings to the page the lifestyles in historical England. I felt I was there at the fair waiting expectantly for the fools to perform.

Throughout the tale, Tom struggles with his Catholic faith. No being of Catholic origins, the insight into the faith and the struggle Tom experiences in dealing with his perceived sin captivated me. The lessons are there without being preachy or tedious.

If any of the events in Tom's journey were meant to be symbolic, I'm afraid that like Tom and Malcolm, I failed to see it; however, I did sense an underlying thread. It was not the actions and situations in Tom's journey that molded him; instead, it was his reactions to what was happening around him that affected how he felt about himself and his faith. I enjoyed his lapses into the imagined outcomes and then the turnaround to the reality of what happened. Most of us do this when faced with situations that make us uncomfortable and the author portrayed the dilemmas in such a way a reader is able to connect with Tom and his struggles.

Overall , I enjoyed the story. It's not romance or action/adventure. Its the story of a young boy finding his way into maturity. The only complaint, it ended too abruptly. There was no closure for me. It seemed the author decided he was done writing and just stopped. I hope that there will be a second book as I am curious what happens to Tom and Malcolm and their gypsy cages. Is Robert of York as sinister as they are lead to believe? Does Tom finish Fool School? I find myself rooting for poor Tom and would like to know how his story turns out.


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About the author

JAMES COMINS is incapable of writing about himself in the third person. His future autobiography will probably be titled, “The Man Who Groaned His Way Toward Death.” He writes stories for children and adults.

Born down the street from Stephen King, he now divides his time between Denver and Seattle.

JAMES COMINS can be found at:




Hot Head by Damon Suede

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         Recommended to me by a very dear friend who raved about the content, I have to say "T you were right" OH MY GOD I loved this story. The angst of a family friend falling in love with a member of the family that had taken him under their wing was addictive to say the least. Dante and Griff's story had me weak at the knees and pleading with the Author to "Please make Dante see what Griff's feeling" It hurt...Actually hurt my heart to read Griff's battle with himself over his feelings toward the friend he saw as a brother. The story as a whole was so well wrote and the characters were so real life I could just imagine them all sitting around the dinning room table pulling each others chains and running off at the mouth. I'm just sad that it had to end, because this was one story I could have carried on reading. Well worth reading, if there were more stars this would definitely be a ten from me. But for me...Angel that i am, i'm raking this with 5 Halo's....Beautiful story Damon.







Tyrian's Mist Blog Tour

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Courtessy of Liz at I'm please to announce the dates and sited for the Tyrian's Mist Blog tour! Please show your support and enter for your chance to win a copy of my first solo M/M story.






July 29: Crystal's Many Reviews (Review)


July 31: Rose & Beps Blog


Aug 2: Triad Literary (Review)


Aug 3: It's Raining Men


Aug 3: Sharing Links and Wisdom (Review)


Aug 3: Books Books and More Books


Aug 4: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess (Review)


Aug 5: It's All About the Romance


Aug 6: deal sharing aunt


Aug 7: Smoldering Heat


Aug 8: Coffee Beans & Love Scenes


Aug 9: Brianna's Bookshelf

Aug 10: Kristy Centeno