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What Christmas Means to Me 2016 Blog Hop

Posted by jtcheyanne on December 4, 2016 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (29)

Christmas, Christmas time is near, time for toys and time for cheer. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

I love Christmas; the carols, the decorations, the lights, the tree, Santa Claus, giving gifts and most especially the reason for the season...

the Christmas story.

I'm participating in Divine Promotions and RAM PA Group's 2016 Christmas Blog Hop! My mission today is to tell you what

Christmas means to me.

Every year, I look forward to the craziness that is Christmas. It’s the one time of the year that I enjoy shopping.

I always spend more money than I should, but I refuse to feel guilty about it.

I love finding the perfect gift and seeing the smiles on the faces of my friends and family, especially the youngest ones.

Christmas, for me, is about family.

It’s tradition that we all come back to mom’s house for the big day.

Here is the real craziness of Christmas; five children, eighteen grandchildren, four great grandbabies, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and the adopted friends that have become family.

By the time we all get home, the presents are stacked almost as high as the tree. The little ones’ faces are priceless. Christmas magic is in the faces of the children. Being a part of that magic and keeping it alive for the kiddos is a huge part of the reason I love Christmas.

I also love Christmas candy and treats! One of my favorites is Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies.


1/2 cup butter

1 cup white sugar

1 cup brown sugar (firmly packed)

1/2 cup milk

4 tablespoons cocoa

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 cups quick oatmeal

1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)


1. Add the first five ingredients into a 4-quart sauce pan.

2. Bring to a rolling boil and hold for 1 minute.

3. Remove from heat.

4. Add peanut butter into the hot mixture and stir until melted.

5. Add in vanilla.

6. Mix in the dry oats until they are completely coated.

7. Drop cookies by tablespoonfuls onto wax paper.

8. Let cool until set.



There are many more blogs participating so please go and visit them all. You should also visit Divine Promotions

and register for awesome prizes!

There will be a grand prize giveaway on the Divine Promotions Blog.


All you have to do is go to the Divine Promotions Blog and leave a comment on their blog post telling them your favorite part about Christmas.

Grand Prizes for this blog hop:

3D fun face Charms Bracelet - 3 pieces (image attached)


18 K Gold Filled Crystal Pearls Heart Party Dress Jewelry Set (image attached)


$10 Amazon Gift Card from RAM PA Group


5 Days Promo Tour from Divine Promotions


Dreamspinner Press Vouchers


$5 gift voucher from Pride Publishing


Ebook of your choice from Author Grein Murray


Swag donated by Author Grein Murray (only available to those living in the USA)


Ebook of your choice from Author Sean Kerr (from his series Dead Camp)


Ebook - The Hard Boys: Alien Abduction (Case #1) from Ian Cadena


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The Guy with the Suitcase by Chris Ethan

Posted by jtcheyanne on May 19, 2016 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The Guy With The Suitcase Book Blitz


Pierce is homeless. 

Young and strong-willed Pierce has been living in the streets of New York City for six months, since his parents kicked him out of their perfect, Christian, suburban house. Pierce is gay. And he is suffering the consequences for being true to himself. 

Rafe is homeless. 

He is also sick. Impressionable, but far from innocent, Rafe ran away from home almost a year ago. His sickness is slowly killing him. But Rafe is not a hopeless case. He has learned to get by. Nights of paid passion turn to sheltering warmth from the imminent New York winter. 

And then there's a suitcase. Pierce's suitcase, which holds secrets from everyone including its owner. 

When their worlds collide, their lives intertwine and when the world seems bent on bringing the two souls to their knees, fate has other plans for them. 

Caution: Contains adult language, New York City streets, tough life choices, sexual tension, stubborn brutes and swoon-worthy romance.


AllRomance eBooks

Barnes & Noble




About The Author

Chris Ethan is a book whore. He enjoys selling his feelings for money and other pleasures and is blatantly unashamed to do so for as long as he breathes. Chris Ethan is also a persona for Rhys Christopher Ethan, author of fantasy and sci-fi. He uses Chris Ethan to share stories of adult queer romance with those who need it. Before you delve into his books however, be warned. He likes putting his characters through shitstorms and hates anything conventional. But then there's that darned happy-ever-after. Also, he likes swearing. Deal with it!

Fabulous Event!! Cassie Hunt...You Rock!!!!

Posted by V L Moon on July 19, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Reflecting back on what had to be one hell of an amazing event, i can honestly say that i for one, can't wait for the next one to take place. Cassie went above and beyond to make sure everyone had themselves the best time ever. Armed with a team of the most amazing volunteers who catered to the needs of each attending author, i can honestly say that no one could have made this event any better than it was. The cover models were amazingly friendly and were more than happy to talk and have their pictures taken and the after party was an absolute blast!!! The vast array of fancy dress costumes was amazing. Alina looked as awesome as ever with a make up job to die for and my crazy ass best friend  would have made Anita Blake proud as fuck with her Zigmond the penguin t-shirt...I love you both and i'm so freakin thankful that you were both there to hold my hand!!  Amy Beth fucking rocked as the mad hatter...Very befitting seems as she's totally crazy...LOL. The night passed with everyone dancing into the small hours and having a boat load of fun.  

Thank you Cassie for the most amazing weekend. You really did us us all proud 8)

OMG!!! It's Shiki!!!!!!!

Posted by jtcheyanne on July 8, 2015 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)



Title: Strength to Let Go

Series: Tales of the Werewolf Tribes, Book One

Author: Alina Popescu

Genre: gay romance, paranormal, werewolves, paranormal romance, supernatural

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing






After being abandoned by his mates, Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe, returns to his home in Tokyo.



Crippled by grief, Shiki decides to end it all by going into the territory of the Siberian Killers tribe and challenging them to a battle to the death.



His death.






Ganzorig, beta of the Siberian Killers, however, sees the potentially disastrous consequences of having Shiki die in battle.



Instead, he saves him.



Having suffered loss himself, Ganz takes it upon himself to help Shiki deal with his pain.



Blake, Shiki’s best friend since childhood, is as determined to show him there is life after a wolf’s ultimate loss.



Could there also be something ‘more’ for them after friendship?



Book Trailer 




Pre-order Links



Don’t miss the Tickle Me Pink sale on the Wayward Ink Publishing site – 25% off all list prices till July 21st.




Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

Amazon DE:








Growling low, the sound vibrating into my chest, I stood up as the wolves I had been searching for flared in my mind’s eye. There

were a few dozen that could reach me soon if they started running toward me. They would do just that, they just needed the

proper motivation. I reached into the depths of my being, tapping into all the fae power Kieran and Kayden’s blood had regaled

me with, and used it to spread my scent farther across the lands I had single-handedly invaded. I used the wind to bring the trail

to them. I could feel their fur bristling as their nostrils flared with the foreign scent. Snarls and growls followed, then piercing

howls, calling to each other and beckoning their pack mates, spurring them on to give chase and come find me.



I chuckled, knowing I’d finally accomplished my first task, getting the Siberian Killers to come to me. The rest would be much

simpler. The enemy werewolves would only have to follow their ancient rules and kill every wolf that stepped foot on their

territory. Rule breakers had to pay, and I had broken their one rule for foreigners. No better way to get yourself killed than getting

ferocious killers all riled up.






I took another step forward, adjusting my grip on my swords and rolling my shoulders. I then tilted my head left and right, hearing

my bones crack and set in place. I could feel the cold ground and fading grass under my feet, the wind blowing my hair out of my

eyes, and hear the sounds of birds and small game running away from the path of the oncoming wolves. They’d reach me within

minutes and my muscles tensed, adrenalin spiking and making my blood roar with excitement at the fast approaching fight. I let

my head fall back and howled, a long, deep sound that made the forest around me go quiet for about a minute.



I knew my attackers had stopped in their tracks, raising their muzzles and sniffing the air. Disbelief was a strong ally in a grossly

unmatched fight. I imagined they’d have a hard time understanding why a lone wolf who had just been caught on their territory

would howl in challenge like that. I assumed the distance had also puzzled them. As they’d caught my scent, they had thought I’d

be closer. Surprise, surprise!



About the author



Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, ALINA POPESCU has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has

always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in

movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.






Social Links



Site & Blog:








Hot Head by Damon Suede

Posted by V L Moon on October 12, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)



         Recommended to me by a very dear friend who raved about the content, I have to say "T you were right" OH MY GOD I loved this story. The angst of a family friend falling in love with a member of the family that had taken him under their wing was addictive to say the least. Dante and Griff's story had me weak at the knees and pleading with the Author to "Please make Dante see what Griff's feeling" It hurt...Actually hurt my heart to read Griff's battle with himself over his feelings toward the friend he saw as a brother. The story as a whole was so well wrote and the characters were so real life I could just imagine them all sitting around the dinning room table pulling each others chains and running off at the mouth. I'm just sad that it had to end, because this was one story I could have carried on reading. Well worth reading, if there were more stars this would definitely be a ten from me. But for me...Angel that i am, i'm raking this with 5 Halo's....Beautiful story Damon.







Tag You're It Blog Hop

Posted by jtcheyanne on October 7, 2013 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (4)


Hello! We were invited by an author friend, Princess SO, to participate in a “blog hop interview.” In order to participate, we answer interview questions, and tag three other authors. They post the same interview questions on their blog pages. The writers they tag, will post their interview questions and answers on their blogs, and so forth. A lot of hopping! You can find Princess’s interview questions and answers here:


Here are our answers to the interview Q&A:

1. What are you working on right now?


JT: Together we are working on Book Two (as yet untitled) of The Crimson Nights Saga. I’m also working on Reconnaissance Mission; the first book in the HALO Detective Series. We also have a fantasy story in the works.


VL: As JT mentioned above we are working on Book Two of The Crimson Nights Saga. We also have a few ideas on one or two short stories that we'd like to work on together. Apart from our joint work, I'm also working on two solo stories that seem to be taking me forever.


2. How does it differ from other works in its genre?


JT: I’m not sure how it differs from other works in the genre. Laz and Lachi are our hearts. These males are the written personification of the love we have for each other. The humor, the fears, the absolute love…it’s all us.


VL: We've played these characters for so long that they have actually engrained themselves into our hearts as well as our minds. As the face behind Laziel, I can honestly say that he is very much an enigma. I never know what he is going to say or do next!


3. Why do you write what you do?


JT: We both love the m/m genre. Man love is smexy hawt. And, when I read the BDB, I was so heartbroken for Vishous. He loved Butch, still does. I had never really read gay romance until the BDB. It floored me that V couldn’t have Butch because mainstream audiences weren’t ready for it. When I write m/m stories, I make sure V gets his Cop. Every time.


VL: I love the paranormal, the mystery behind make believe. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than writing about different worlds within our own where vampires angels and werewolves really exist. Fiction, to me, is an outlet; something I can pour all of my emotions into whether they be dark, happy, sad or downright absurd!


4. How does your writing process work?


JT: We generally talk through a story, have a loose outline in our heads and start writing. We have been writing by character much the same as we started writing in roleplay. We are evolving as we write together because, obviously, we cannot write a scene without including the other characters and their “voice.” We take turns writing and sometimes we surprise each other, and it’s always good surprises. We rarely ever disagree on the direction our stories take. I think we’ve only ever had a serious disagreement on one s/l thread that will be coming up in the Crimson Nights Saga.


VL: Having a writing partner to bounce your ideas off is a valuable asset. And, whether we are writing solo or together, we often spend many hours taking notes (JT takes the notes because she knows I'll forget). We then build on our ideas and work out the direction that we want to go in as we write.


In addition, we are tagging the following authors. Make sure to check out their blog posts on the following date: October 14, 2013. — Tag you’re it:


Avril Ashton -


Lataryn Rainey-Perry


Carly Fall


Blessed and Overjoyed!

Posted by jtcheyanne on August 5, 2013 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (4)

I wanted to take the time to send a huge shout out to all of our Facebook family and friends. In the three years I've been a part of the roleplay and now indie author world, I have met so many wonderful people. Most importantly, I found the love of my life, my V.L. In October, we'll celebrate our third anniversary as a couple. That makes my heart happy. That happiness overflows as we are able to do what we love, write love stories that touch the hearts of our readers.

Facebook has also allowed me to meet some of the most supportive and beautiful people in the world...yes...the world. Three and half years ago, if someone had told me I'd be a published author, I'd have laughed myself sensless. When they added my writing partner would be born and bred UK, my cover artist would be a lovely soul from down under, and my editor and beta readers would span the globe, I'd have offered them a straight jacket and some "happy  pills." I would have been wrong...and that is a blessing I realized on Saturday.

I went to speak at an author's luncheon. I had to tell a roomful of readers how I got started and how I worked. I was nervous and then Lachi showed up with his winning smile, jaunty stroll and the confidence only a vampire king can possess. I did apologize to the assembled that he was only in my head and that they couldn't see the beautiful David Gandy look alike as he was downright sexy!  As they laughed, giggled, and shifted in their seats thinking I was a french fry short of a Happy Meal,  I realized that I wasn't just representing myself. I was there to represent the hardwork and dedication of my beautiful angel and the wonderful extended family we share on Facebook. As V.L. and I have constantly said, we would not have the success we've enjoyed without all of YOU. 

It's not just that  you buy the book, or leave reviews...although those help tremendously and Please Please Please don't stop....did I say please??  Okay, just makign sure...anddddd....back to the's the constant words of encouragement, the way you make us laugh, yes even the pokes....they brighten our day or night as the case may be. You deserve your own round of applause and if you listen right can hear me clapping, stomping and whistling as I cheer for you. 

Thank you. Two very small words to convey a wealth of feeling. All my love.

Laziel baby, I love you always. Congratulations, I'm so proud to be your writing partner and your life partner.


Stepping Into the World of Blogging

Posted by jtcheyanne on January 11, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello Friends and Family! Welcome to my webpage and my first attempt at blogging. I'm a little nervous and not quite sure what to say. I take a deep breath and ponder my options....

Ocean's Kiss has done very well for a first time author. I do appreciate all of you who've supported me and bought the book. To those of you who suffered through the edits with me, thank you. When I received my first royalty check in December, I couldn't stop grinning. I'd finally made it. I was an author, with books sold. Amazing! 

Presently, I, along with my writing partner, Venus Moon, am awaiting a book cover and release date for our book For the Love of a God. Edits are done on our end so fingers crossed we'll be having a release party in the next month or so. 

Hmmm, I've also finished my first M/M romance. I'm doing a little revising and editing before I send it out. To those of you who've read it and provided a critique and/or edits, a HUGE thank you. I appreciate your insights.

One more shout out to Kimberly Flathers.  YOU ROCK! She has volunteered to help me with this web thing...something I truly do not understand. It is only because of her that I here writing this blog. I'd have never figured out how to get it set up. Sorry for the stupid questions darlin, bear with me. 

And lastly, a what am I reading...I just finished Blood of the Wicked by Karina Cooper. Fast paced and full of twists and turns, it was a great story. Silas, a Mission witch hunter, is a hero all women can appreciate, except for Jessie, a witch in hiding. The last thing she wants is a hunter breathing down her neck, until his kiss sets her on fire.  As they dodge and weave and run for their lives while trying to find Jessie's brother, their relationship flames higher and hotter. It sizzles! I would recommend this and can't wait to read the next book in the series. 

You guys have a great day! Much love.