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Hot Head by Damon Suede

Posted by V L Moon on October 12, 2013 at 6:45 PM



         Recommended to me by a very dear friend who raved about the content, I have to say "T you were right" OH MY GOD I loved this story. The angst of a family friend falling in love with a member of the family that had taken him under their wing was addictive to say the least. Dante and Griff's story had me weak at the knees and pleading with the Author to "Please make Dante see what Griff's feeling" It hurt...Actually hurt my heart to read Griff's battle with himself over his feelings toward the friend he saw as a brother. The story as a whole was so well wrote and the characters were so real life I could just imagine them all sitting around the dinning room table pulling each others chains and running off at the mouth. I'm just sad that it had to end, because this was one story I could have carried on reading. Well worth reading, if there were more stars this would definitely be a ten from me. But for me...Angel that i am, i'm raking this with 5 Halo's....Beautiful story Damon.







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