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Posted by jtcheyanne on July 6, 2013 at 1:40 PM

R.I.H. DOMA...Rest in Hell...that about sums it up. As a writer of M/M erotic romance and as a member of the LGBT community, I must say it was with great relief and supreme joy that I watched and listened as DOMA was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. In Grand Slam, Spencer escaped rural Alabama to live in a northern state where gay marriage was more accepted. He found true love in the form of one gorgeous CPA, Brock Kinckaid. I enjoyed writing this story, enjoyed seeing these men get their HEA. 

Now, I am more overjoyed that many Americans will now share in this same joy. Being able to marry the person that you love is a right no American should have ever been denied. Our country was founded by Pilgrims seeking freedom from religious persecution. They left their familes, their country and all they knew to find a world where they could live as they chose. Every Thanksgiving we celebrate their strength and bravery in forging ahead to a new world. On Wednesday, June 26th, a large number of Americans once again found that freedom.

Sadly, the fight is not over. Only 13 states allow same sex unions. Like Spencer, I live in rural Alabama, a state that does not recognize its citizens' unalienable right to marry the person they choose. As most of my friends know and as my family knows, and thankfully embraces, I am engaged to my writing partner, VL Moon. The Supreme Court's decision gives us hope that we can live in the US as a couple the same as every other American; however, that will not happen in Alabama. At least, not yet. The fight continues in the United States, the fight for equality in ALL US States.

So, Rest In HELL,DOMA, it's where you belong. With luck, the States' statues banning same sex marriage will soon join  you in the fiery pits. I for one will dance on the graves of injustice.

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